Children & Youth

RLC Children
Resurrection Children’s ministry is all about connecting kids to Jesus Christ through a variety of ways, in an age appropriate manner. Here at RLC, we strive to do this through Sunday School. 

RLC Youth 
At RLC we have 2 groups for youth Jr High and Sr High.  They meet weekly to increase their knowledge in God and grow in their faith.  They also engage in large group activites: Underground Church,  Acquire the Fire and others.  To learn more about each group, click on the name. 

On Wednesday,  we have “The Village”.   It opens September 10th at 2:30pm! Dinner is served 5:00-5:30pm($2 donation encouraged) weekly. This is a safe place where teens can hang-out after school, get tutoring if needed and be surrounded by God’s love.  All are welcome here!     Be here – Belong – Be loved – Be brave!

Sunday Gatherings
We meet on Sunday nights from 6-8:30 pm  where we spend time worshipping God with live music, then we open up the Bible together. Through these studies we learn how to become more like Christ and learn how to allow our faith to impact those around us.


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