Follow the Light


God’s Light Revealed
(July 16th – September 3rd)
For most of us, the journey of life is a constant juggling act trying to balance family, work, friends, and still carve out some time for ourselves. Somewhere in between doctors’ appointments, working late, and running errands, we catch ourselves wondering if there is more to this life; and if so, how do we find it.

The real struggle, however, comes when serious challenges invade our lives: an unexpected phone call in the middle of the night, a job loss, or divorce papers. Searching for answers in our Google-addicted world can leave us confused, frustrated and sometimes fearful. So where do we turn in the darkest of times for real answers?

We invite you to join us as we journey through the Bible to find the answers we all seek. During the months of July and August, we will look at times in Biblical past where God displayed his righteousness and his grace to His people, and through them see God in our present circumstances. In our NEW Sunday series, “God’s Light Revealed”, we will learn how to rely on God’s promises and God’s character even in the darkest of moments.
Sermon Series Schedule:
7/16: What God brings              8/13: What God changes
7/23: What God promises         8/20: What God destroys
7/30: What God reveals           8/27: What God declares
8/06: What God makes            9/03: What God keeps

If you would like to read along with us as we journey through the Bible, click on the image below to download the daily reading guide.