Men's Retreat 2017


The chances are, most of us are fans of superheroes.  What is it about superheroes that fascinates us so much?  All humans seem to be captivated by the idea of people who are unstoppable, because that is what we all want to be.  We long to shed our human limitations and become something greater.  The good news?  As believers, we can be something greater.  We can be unstoppable, because we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us.  God gives us all the strength that we need in this life.

Charles Newman, the lead pastor and teacher for Crossroads’ Church in San Tan Valley will be bringing us a message of hope and challenge as we seek to better serve our families, friends, and community. We will have great food, music led by Worship Leader, Adriane Blanco, a poker tournament, hiking, and our fantastic gun shoot.

The retreat is just a few weeks away but it is not too late to sign up.  Join us in the cool pines of the White Mountains to meet new people, reconnect with old friends and celebrate God’s Glory! Bring a friend as well. This retreat is open to all men who want to understand how we can be “Unstoppable” in the purposes and plans God has for us in this world.

To register, sign up at the Connection Center at church on Sunday or click this link to register online.